Holy Hands, Holy Craft

In witchcraft and religion in general, our hands are more important than we give them credit for in the every day life. It are those hands who talk to the gods, through gestures, giving sacrifices and crafting objects in their names. Hands are our most magical instruments, they create our life one day at the time and enable us to do whatever we want to.

And there is a ‘hack’, kind of, that is still pretty unknown. That is: you gotta use your laterality right, man! Our brain has two sides, which of course work together. But: tasking the non-dominant half of the brain with major work is a huge let-down to yourself, your body and the gods. Not that they judge, but they want that you feel good, that you feel the flow and are satiesfied with yourself at the end of the day, not exhausted.

So, if you were trained in school or by your parents/grandparents to write with your right hand, but you would have preferred the left; or not even that (children learn by copying, after all), if you are writing with one hand but know that you could do better with the other, you are most probably living every day life from one exhaustion to the other. It can be tricky, to find out which hand/brain-half is actually your dominant one, but when you have found out and use it for, say, stitch work for the gods, it will give you a sacred experience unlike everything you could every feel with your wrong side.

I just wanted to throw that out here. Because I had to find out the hard way. I was trained to write right handed by my grand-grandmother when I was a child, and it never did me any good. I changed hands today for crafting, and although it was slower and I needed more concentration, the feeling at the end was WAY better than anything else before. And it was even vibrating with holy energy, something that I previously felt I could never achieve! So yeah…

Just saying.