God is a Circle

Picking up where I left things in my latest article (february). This is as far as my research goes and I feel like there is nothing more to discover in written history. From there on it’s all speculation, mixing stuff and UPG. I’m okay with that, although it does make it harder to find books and stuff.

Well, I made the connection between what we know about the Vanir, Baltic religion and PIE-religion. I can’t say that I’m reconstructing, I’m no scholar/expert. So I guess I’m (re?) building a pantheon?

The sun is the center of my worship, as it was the center of most old religions. And the sun travels in a circle. It has four phases, expressing themselves in a day (morning, noon, afternoon, night) and a year with it’s seasons. I do believe each of those phases has a God and Goddess ‘assigned’ to it.

For example, there are the two deities Morning Star and Evening Star, in Baltic Auzrine and Vakaryne, in German Ostara and Westara. (I am very much in love with Westara, also called Westia/Westya, Goddess of autumn, home & hearth, fire, magic and twilight! I feel that she is the goddess that has always been there with me but whose name I didn’t knew. I just called her ‘the fall goddess’.)


The noon is associated with the Sun Goddess herself (Saula, Freia) and the night with a dark Goddess – but make no mistake, they are all connected and basically one. Like the Hindu-Gods that are all aspect of only one divine source. Again, this is my view, and I don’t claime that any old folks have seen it that way. They might have, or they didn’t.

The same goes for the male Gods associated with the phases, e.g. Balder is the Morning Star, and Weland (Loki) the Evening Star. And the fifth element are simply God & Goddess (which I mostly call Freia & Ingvi).

Those four phases, seasons or directions lie on a circle, the Wheel of Life. This is my focus, this is what I discovered works for me. Honestly, I felt very weird with that so I didn’t write about it until now. I only do because recently I read an article about the ancient native-american concept of the Medicine Wheel – and had a pretty great aha-effect! Sure, there was no mention of Gods connected to the directions but in general they feel that this Wheel is life, god, the universe.

But now I’m thinking – is this still Vanatru? Can I honestly still call myself that? I have written a mythology that is unlike the stories known, but then again radiats with all the old tales. I am very sure about this concept – but not about what to call myself. Please, give me your opinion.


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