Religious identity?

I have spent much time of this year to research gods, cultures and their common attributes, because I felt that if I could reconstruct a ‘original vanic’ pantheon it would be easier for me to connect to the gods. It has worked so far that I have found the Balts and built a theory that they are related to the Vanir, or are their predecessors, or are the same god energy with different names.

I kind of always have tried to find this one drawer my religion fits into. This way I have concluded that Germanic Ostara is the same as Baltic Ausrine.

Well… what can I say. I have been wrong.

The gods aren’t that easy to simplify. Everyone who has a name has their own personality, or at least that’s what Ausrine told me when I tried to pretend she was Ostara. It did destroy my world view a little bit – but it’s not the first time I had to learn this lesson. The lesson here is, I think, that I can have different gods from different cultures at the same time since I am, after all, not a product from only one culture and nothing more.

But at the same time I’m kind of unsure about having all those gods – if I’m trying to worship them all, will I ever have time for anything else? And what does it make me? I’m not a Druidess, not a Wiccan, not exclusively Vanatru…. I know labels aren’t everything but I want to have one. Because how could I tell people about it if I don’t know who I am?

So maybe the word ‘Freiatru’ is actually the best description – meaning true to Freia and her kin, which I believe can be found in many other cultures, not only Germanic. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Religious identity?

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  2. I know I am late to the party, but it seems that you are shifting from ”soft polytheism” to ”hard polytheism”. Is this an accurate interpetation? I am a hard polytheist, while those I share my religion with that I actually know personally are ranging from ”’soft polytheist” to ”everything is one and any seperateness is just an harmfull illusion”.


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